Summer Produce

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Tango Celery

This type of celery is just as dynamic as other varieties, but is well-known for being more tender and less fibrous (easier to eat raw!).

Shishito Pepper

This East Asian pepper has a mild spice and is notable for its bumpy texture. It can be used in many different ways, including being eaten fresh in salads or sandwiches.

Baby Doll F1 Watermelon

These unique watermelon have bright yellow flesh and are the perfect fruit to enjoy after a long day in the pool.

Cherokee Green Homestead

These yellow and green tomatoes have the tangy flavor that is perfect for making fried green tomatoes to enjoy with your whole family.

Amish Paste Tomato

These super-fleshy tomatoes are juicy and have a bright flavor. They’re most known for how well they can be canned and used for months to come.

Genovese Basil

This leafy vibrant breen herb is widely used in Italian dishes and is the best basil to make pesto with.

Cherokee Carbon F1 Tomato

These purple-ish tomatoes are the classic beefsteak tomato that is perfect for use on burgers and sandwiches.

Macaroni Red

This pepper variety comes from Italy and is known for their thin skins and light flavor. These are the perfect mild peppers to use in any kind of cooked dish.

Brandywine Tomato

This variety of tomato dates all the way back to 1885 and is the heirloom tomato standard. Their exquisite flavor is so good that it can be enjoyed on its own, with just a bit of salt and pepper.

Shlshito Pepper

This East Asian pepper has a mild spice and is notable for its bumpy texture. It can be used in many different ways, including being eaten fresh in salads or sandwiches.

Smooth Operator F1 Summer Squash

These bright yellow summer squash are the classic we love for roasting on kebabs at a summer barbeque.

Melon Honeydew

These sweet melons are well known for their mild flavor, which makes it the perfect fruit to snack on or to add to sweet dishes that need a bit of mellowing out.

Red Pear Tomato

Most known for their super-vibrant red and unique pear shape, these tomatoes are super dynamic and can be used in anything from salads to sauces.

California Wonder Pepper

These bell peppers first appeared on the scene in 1928 and has been the most popular type of bell pepper for a few decades. They can be used in all sorts of dishes from soup to pasta.

Crimson Sweet Watermelon

The classic light and dark green stripes on this watermelon variety cover a gorgeous red, super sweet inside.

Watermelon Yellow Mountain Sweet

When you crack open this watermelon, you’ll be delighted by the bright yellow inside. These melons have a rich, sweet flavor that you’ll get addicted to after just one bite.

Suyo Long Cucumber

Originally from China, these cucumbers are known for how crisp they are and for being “burpless” (meaning they’re missing the chemical that causes bitterness and is commonly said to cause burping!).

Moon and Stars Watermelon

Called the “Moon and Stars” due to the bright yellow spots on the rind. The super sweet flesh has made this one of the most popular heirloom varieties of watermelon.

Tomato Paul Robeson

This type of tomato is famous among tomato enthusiasts for its distinctive flavor that combines sweet and smoky. The beautiful color of this variety and dynamic flavor makes it stand out.

Pea Little Marvel

Growing in long pods, these peas are sweet and tender, so you don’t have to worry about mushy peas in your summer dishes.

Fall Produce

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Bakri Carrot

These carrots are a classic, with a mild, neutral taste and the ability to be delicious when eaten raw or cooked down.

Mizuna Asian Greens

These vibrant leafy greens have a slight spicy flavor. They add a bite to salads and are perfect to throw into a stir fry.

Squash Scallop Yellow

These adorable little, bright yellow fruit are known for their rich, mellow flavor. These squash are native to America and can be used in a variety of summer recipes.

Antigua Bush Bean

The beautiful dark green pods of these beans are sweet, earthy, and dynamic for canning, roasting, pickling, and more.

Black Beauty Eggplant

Over 100 years old, his heirloom variety of eggplant was first produced in 1902 and remains the standard for eggplants across the world.

Burgess Buttercup Squash

The outside of these beautiful fruits are a rich green, with a shockingly bright orange on the inside. The flesh is sweet and tender, and isn’t stringy.


One of those herbs that adds something special to almost every dish you work with, especially roasts and soups.

Jericho Lettuce

These beautiful heads of lettuce are a light green and offer the perfect light crunch. The large leaves are the perfect base for salads or lettuce wraps.

Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach

You probably haven’t had spinach like this before! These deeply crinkled leaves are described as being sweet and can be used in similar ways as the greens you’re already familiar with.

Champion Collards

The blueish green of these hardy leaves, have a similar texture to cabbage, and can be used in some of our favorite dishes.

Winter Produce

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Detroit Dark Red Beet

We love these beets for their vibrant red color and their earthy sweetness. This dynamic vegetable can be enjoyed fresh or cooked.

Bull's Blood Beet

This beet variety is known for its dark red foliage, which can be used alongside the root bulb to add a ton of flavor and nutrition.

White Stemmed Pac Choy

The tender, spoon shaped greens are used in a variety of dishes, but are primarily used in Asian dishes for their mild flavor and crisp stems.

Red Giant Mustard Greens

Not only are these greens gorgeous, with a dark purple tint, but there are many uses thanks to their spicy flavor. Fun fact: these are often used in ornamental gardens!

Green Wave Mustard Greens

These greens are known for their ruffled leaves and spicy-hot flavor that can be infused easily into recipes.

Giant Winter Spinach

This hardy spinach is known for its dark green, glossy leaves and the variety of ways it can be used. From salads to pastas, this spinach’s bright flavor is a kitchen staple.

Prize Choy Pac Choy

These leafy greens have a mild flavor and are able to hold up in warm dishes. Pac Choy is commonly used in Asian dishes, but has a flavor that can be used in almost anything.

Savoy Cabbage

This hearty vegetable is the perfect base, side dish, or addition to any recipe. Their mild flavor allow them to absorb any seasonings.

Spring Produce

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Santo Cilantro

Cilantro is the perfect addition to dishes from all over the world, from Mexican salsa, to Indian curry. Did you know that it is in the carrot family?

Bouquet Dill

Used in many different dishes, but loved for it’s use in pickling, fresh dill adds a fresh bite to any dish it’s used in

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

One of the most popular varieties of lettuce, the Black Seeded Simpson has lightly ruffled leaves and a delicate flavor

Giant Italian Parsley

These hearty plants grow big, and offer huge flavor! Parsley is used all across the culinary world as a way to meld flavors together or to just add some freshness.

Primero Red F1 Pepper

These bright red peppers are known for having habanero flavor, with only about a third of the heat. Perfect to add to a dish for the whole family.

Peurto Rican Beauty

This variety of eggplant is known for it’s bright purple color, lack of seeds, and mild flavor.

Yolo Wonder

These sweet bell peppers are massive and have a thick skin, making them the perfect peppers to use in a stuffed pepper recipe. Depending on their ripeness, they can be green, yellow, orange or red.

King of North

If you’re looking for a sweet bell pepper with a lot of flavor, these are the perfect choices for that. Their flavor depends on the ripeness, but no matter what stage they’re at, these peppers are a great addition to any fresh recipe.

Golden Cali Wonder

These bell peppers are known for their bright golden color when they ripen, these vegetables have a bite to them that makes them the perfect addition to any salad or fresh dish.