CSA 18-week program


This program runs from April 12, 2021 through August 25, 2021 (18 weeks). Cost is $414.00 per year or $23 per week. You can pay the full amount of your share up-front (which is a big help to our farm).


Policies For Traditional Shares

Once you sign up for a CSA share and choose your pick-up time, we will make you a box to pick up every week. If you cannot pick up your share, we encourage you to have a friend or family member pick up your box, or ask us to donate it to our favorite food gleaning charity Working Landscapes of Warrenton, NC. We ask you to return the empty boxes each week so that we can fill them again with more of our produce and leave a smaller footprint.

The Inherent Risk

Unfortunately we have no control over mother nature. Some years we have adverse weather that affects the crops and therefore what our CSA members see in their monthly share. When a share is purchased the member accepts a risk of crop failure; however, our crop insurance is growing a large variety, so that it is unlikely for all crops to suffer during the season.

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